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Freedom of innovation

The OpenSwitch platform is an open source, Linux-based network operating system (NOS) for disaggregated switches built around OCP-compliant hardware, utilizing an open network installation environment (ONIE) boot loader.

The platform is aimed at accelerating the transition to open networking, as well as adoption of disaggregated data center networks. OpenSwitch provides a fully-featured control plane stack with Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking protocol support.

NOS is built around a reliable architecture focusing on modularity, and a central state repository. An extensible NOS utilizes modern development tools and offers extensive APIs and management interfaces.

Developers can build on reliable and modern architecture to create unique networking features and applications using an agile development approach for faster development and more stable applications with fewer post-release defects.

The OpenSwitch community is an open community started by charter members offering valuable contributions to the community, with the goal of advancing the state of the art of open networking. The community supports and nurtures efforts, aids OpenSwitch adoption, and facilitates growth of a healthy ecosystem of developers and users.

It is not a secret that the current vertically-integrated networking switch models are not perceived as a good fit for web-scale data center needs. OpenSwitch serves as a catalyst for accelerating the move to disaggregated networking switches while enabling developers with the tools they need to break free from the limitations of integrated switches, and take control of their networks to better serve their business needs.

Charter contributors to OpenSwitch are Hewlett Packard, Accton, Broadcom, Intel, Qosmos, and Dell EMC. You are invited to join the growing OpenSwitch community to benefit from member experiences and contributions, make your own contributions, and help guide the OpenSwitch community.