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Cavium Technology

Cavium-XPliant® family of programmable Ethernet switches

XPliant switches

XPliant is a family of Software Programmable Ethernet Switches. XPliant have pioneered SDN silicon deployments, becoming the first to ship programmable switches in mass production. The combination of software-defined flexible functionality of the XPliant Programmable Architecture (XPA) and the silicon robust hardware design, enable customers and partners to deliver agile and scalable solutions that meet the modern networks needs. With several generations in mass production, XPliant switches field-proven technology is widely deployed today as OEM products and as White-Box solutions to a myriad of networks in data center, carrier and enterprise environments.

XPliant switches value proposition with OPX

XPliant Programmable Architecture combined with the OpenSwitch OPX NOS, feature an ideal composable networks solution for customers looking to maximize application performance, scalability and cost-efficiency.

The key benefits of solutions based on XPliant silicon include:

  • OPX and applications interoperability
  • Programmable silicon extensibility to deploy new/custom applications
  • Resources elasticity to programmatically optimize table sizes for application-centric needs
  • Choice of hardware platforms, cost, and power optimized for 10/25/100GbE deployments
  • Integrated Packet Trakker™ Programmable Telemetry Application that provides a wealth of visibility and telemetry to solve the most intriguing networking monitoring and analytics problems.

Additional key benefits include robust hardware architecture to incorporate:

  • Support in 1/10/25/40/50/100G MAC speeds independently per port
  • Fully shared centralized packet buffer to smooth the network burstiness operation
  • Advanced traffic management and PFC capabilities to support RoCE, iWARP, NVMe, and other lossless application workloads

XPliant switches hardware compatibility for OPX

See Hardware compatibility list for a list of XPliant-based platforms that are compatible with OPX.